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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


"Any dream may do but just any old Joseph won’t. Luckily Reagle has the remarkable Peter Mill in the lead. He’s an innocent when the story needs him to be and he transforms himself into a majestic prophet when his gift takes over the plot. Mill’s Joseph is so beatific, he seems lit from within."


- Boston Arts Review, Beverly Creasey

" As Joseph, Peter Mill was incredible. His rendition of “Any Dream Will Do” was genuine and meaningfully sung; while his performance of “Close Every Door” was chilling and powerful. It was easily one of my favorite numbers. He played Joseph with truth and conviction, which really had the audience rooting for him during his many trials and tribulations."


- OnStage Blog, Angelica Potter

"Peter Mill shines brightly as Joseph. Mill brings a sincerity, warmth, and inspirational understanding of the Biblical Jewish prophet-interpreter of dreams. Besides his fine acting, he unleashes his surprisingly stunning, powerful voice, earning thunderous applause with his plaintive plea in song, “Close Every Door”."


- The Chelsea Record, Sheila Barth

"With wide eyes and an unassuming demeanor, Peter Mill portrays humble, yet forthright Joseph with instant likability.  Peter gives a multi-dimensional, powerful performance as a naïve outsider who is transformed by his destiny.  Peter’s versatile, soothing, vocals master signature numbers Any Dream Will Do and Close Every Door, his tone heart rendering and sympathetic."

- The Sleepless Critic

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