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The Rocky
Horror Show

Dr. Frank-N-Furter

“Our beloved Frank N. Furter, played here by the exceptional Peter Mill. Mill honors Tim Curry’s “sweet transvestite” in all the ways we want him to while making the part a creation all his own. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then Mill’s eyes open us up to a world of divine and ferocious sexuality.”


- DigBoston, Christopher Ehlers

“The number one reason to see The Rocky Horror Show is Mill's performance as Frank, a role he was clearly born to play. He commands the stage, does justice to the wigs and fashions he wears, and displays a confident maturity in both his singing and his acting. He stops short of going over the top in conveying Frank's madness, and underscores his characterization with a sweet, unexpected vulnerability that actually draws sympathy.”


- BroadwayWorld, Nancy Grossman

“Moonbox has assembled a first-rate cast... But it is Mill who truly makes this show what it is. His Frank is commanding, perverse and funny as hell. When he says, in all sincerity, after causing undue chaos and heartbreak that “It’s not easy having a good time,” it’s freaking hilarious. He owns the stage, prowling around like a lion on the loose. It’s hard – even as he’s doing some very bad things – not to find him attractive. By the time he sings a killer rendition of “I’m Going Home,” you almost wish he wouldn’t.”


-, Michele Markarian

“Peter Mill leads the wickedly talented cast as a rather delicious Frank-N-Furter. He brings the iconic character to life with sass and bravado.”


- Theatre Talk Boston, Kobi Kassal

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